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  Stretch glass table
Black walnut/glass
1.2m W x 0.5m D x 0.3m H
Black walnut
1.5m W x 0.5m D x 0.7M H
  Ladder shelves
Brown oak/white oak
1.3m W x 0.33m D x 1.8m H
  Shelving system
Brown oak/light oak
3.2m W x 0.33m D x 1.8m H
  Off set shelves
Light oak
0.7m W x 0.25m D x 1.9m H

Triangular shelves
Brown oak/stainless steel
1.2m W x 0.25m D x 1.94m H

  Corner shelves
cherry / glass
0.7m W x 0.7m D x 1.4m H

No sharp corners protrude, the glass shelves are designed to follow the walls.
  Wonky shelves
brown oak / white oak / alder
0.9m W x 0.3m D x 1.8m H

Height adjustable shelves; can be fitted ‘wonky’ or horizontal.

Floor shelves
chestnut / glass
1.4m W x 0.4m D x 1.2m H

The glass shelves reduce in size and slash dramatically through the wood.


10 Squared table
brown oak / glass
1.1m Sq.

From above, the frosted centre of the glass delicately touches the corner of each leg and creates an interlocking of ten squares.

  Console table
Tiger oak/light oak/glass
1.2m W x 0.3m D x 0.8m H
  Block table
Alder/reclaimed mahogany/glass
1.2m W x 0.5m D x 0.4m H
  E Type side table
ash/reclaimed mahogan
0.4m W x 0.35m D x 0.45m H

Float glass table
brown oak / glass
1.2m W x 0.55m D x 0.4m H

The glass is wider than the wood base to give a contemporary and unusual look to the table. Visible frosted strips on the glass are for safety.

  Exploded coffee table
Brown oak
1.3m W x 0.6m D x 0.35m H
  Computer desk
1.1m W x 0.4m D x 1.4m H
brown oak / white oak / flame alder
1.5m W x 0.7m D x 0.75m H

Three drawer writing desk with lip.
  Split chair
brown oak / alder
0.58m W x 0.45m D x 0.85m H

Complements desk with back struts individually hand carved into compound curve.
  Sergeant bench
Brown oak/ white oak
1.6m W x 0.5m D x 0.5m H
Suitable for outdoors
  TV cabinet
1.1mW x 0.45m D x 0.6m H

Bedding box
chestnut / western red cedar
1.2m W x 0.45m D x 0.6m H

Doubles as a bed-side cabinet, with the split lid providing varied access.


1.3m W x 0.6m D x 2.4m H

A contemporary look at a traditional piece.

  Summer house
Solid oak/glass
3.5m x 3.5m
Garden Pod
Western Red Cedar/ weather proofing screens
2.6m x 2.6m


If you are inspired by what you have seen or have any ideas of your own, the Commissioning Pages show how easy the process is.


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www.outpostpod.co.uk www.shropshire-guild.co.uk www.wgdm.org.uk

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